This wiki is about colours, a long list of the different colours you can find in your surroundings wherever you are in the world, if it be in the Artic or Iceland, in Paris or Brussells, even down south in Austrailia and Africa, you can see these colours (even when it's dark, you can see black or grey)! So please contribute if you spot a colour that we've missed out on... Or preferably, one that you've created!<createbox> width=24 break=no buttonlabel=Create new article </createbox>

Did you know...
That water is one of the faintest blues in the world?
There's about 16.8 million colours in the world?
That the moon is grey and doesn't produce it's own bright colour during night?
That the Line bred fish is one of the most colourful fish in the world?
That Riomaggiore in Italy is one of the most colourful cities in the world?
The brightest colour in the world is guessed to be chartreuse or white?
That all colours can be blended together to make either brown or blue-grey?
You can't see in dark very well because your eyes need light?
That different colours have different meanings?

The Colour Coded Wiki is an encyclopedia about different colours you can find around you. Rainbows, rooms, buildings, buses, anything you think of must have a colour. Colours cannot be seen by us all, but here on this website we have a list of the active colours around the world. So, whilst on your search, please enjoy your stay on our website, The Colour Coded Wiki!

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